Daria Nyzankiwska Dance Foundation, Switzerland International Ballet and Dance Foundation for the support of young dance talent. Photo: Felix von Wartburg
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Daria Nyzankiwska Snihurowycz was the Ukrainian mother of Genia Snihurowycz Blum, artistic director of Dance Art Studio Ballet School Lucerne. Genia Blum and her husband, the Swiss attorney Joerg Blum, established the Daria Nyzankiwska Dance Foundation in 2004 to promote and support young dance talent. The first dance students to have received assistance from the foundation have already achieved important successes in their pursuit of professional stage careers.

Daria Nyzankiwska was a highly gifted dancer, choreographer and stage artist. A member of a well-known Ukrainian theatrical family, she grew up in Western Ukraine between both World Wars. After completing her dance studies, she rapidly rose to the position of ballet soloist of the Lwiw opera. Escaping to Canada after World War II, she gave her whole life to dance, enabling countless children from financially weak families to pursue their dreams of professional dance careers. Genia Blum also received this love and inspiration from her mother and she hopes these qualities will live on through her foundation.

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