Daria Nyzankiwska Dance Foundation, Switzerland International Ballet and Dance Foundation for the support of young dance talent. Photo: Felix von Wartburg
Scholarships and Funding
Dance and Ballet

International Dance Foundation
Lucerne, Switzerland

Stipendien und Tanzförderung
Tanz und Ballett

Internationale Tanzstiftung
Luzern, Schweiz




The Daria Nyzankiwska Dance Foundation is dedicated to the advancement and support of dance and ballet, especially through scholarships for talented, economically disadvantaged dance students. The Dance Foundation was founded in commemoration of the ballerina who passed away in 1980, after a lifetime dedicated to dance and the stage arts. Daria Nyzankiwska's enthusiasm and love of the dance inspired countless children and young people to follow careers in dance, ballet and theater.

Scholarships and grants for needy dance and ballet students allow the Dance Foundation to send an important message which echoes in the cultural landscape. Your donations allow the foundation to continue in its targeted support of dance and ballet.
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